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Re: File Systems.

Erik Troan wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Nicholas Petreley wrote:
> > Erik will have to speak for himself as to his motivations, but what he
> > described reflects FHS, which is the standard LSB was shooting for.  I don't
> > know how well Red Hat adheres to FHS off hand, but surely we're not going to
> > deliberately steer away from standards that Red Hat endorses or uses just
> > for the sake of not being Red Hat?
> Red Hat has followed FSSTND 1.2 since mid-1995; we haven't seen a large
> number of distributions move to FHS 2.0, so we haven't either.

Umm... RedHat has a funny hybrid between FHS and FSSTND.  Right now I
would say it's more FHS than FSSTND, so if I were you I'd seriously move
to FHS all the way with RedHat 7.0.


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