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AW: /mnt/cdrom or /mnt ?


> > Keep the / as clean as possible,
Fully agreed.

> I think the most we can lay down is that /mnt is the preferred place for
> mounting things, temporary or otherwise, and that polluting / with
> /floppy, /cdrom is bad, because someone will then have to invent
> /lawnmower in two years' time.

I agree in that point, that only /mnt shall be used for temporary mounts
(like /mnt/zip, /mnt/cdrom, /mnt/A, etc).
Mounting drives by myself are done with that.

The problem are the distributors.
SuSE's yast par example mounts the cdrom as /cdrom (yes, it's mounted under
/ :-( ).
IMO the FHS should state a clear expression on that issue.


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