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Re: Tag line

rob@current.nu writes:

>   /etc/cron.hourly
> ??

Red Hat includes it.  My (somewhat old) Debian 1.3 system has it.
However, the Debian policy manual doesn't list it.  Does someone know
if there is a reason for that?  Unless there's a reason not to, I'll
add it to the next draft.

> Sorry I was on vacation, I missed some of this discussion.  Doesn't
> this play into FHS (http://www.pathname.com/fhs/) ground?  I would
> think that it should be something mentioned in FHS, if not now,
> eventually.

Yes, but it doesn't matter too much.  Perhaps it will also go in the
FHS Linux annex.
> Is LSB going to be 100% FHS layout, and/or will they both be
> adjusted together to make the most sence? (speaking of with, has
> anyone adressed where the X11 config stuff should be, it's floating
> around from /etc, to /etc/X11/ to /var/... in diffrent
> distributions).

LSB will be 100% FHS layout, but not FHS 2.0.

Nobody has really addressed X11 configuration very well.  I'd like to
discuss it, including Dirk Hondel or someone else from XFree86 in the
discussion.  It would be nice if FHS, LSB, distributions, and XFree86
4.0 matched up on stuff.

- Dan

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