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X11 file locations

On 16 Mar 1999, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> > Is LSB going to be 100% FHS layout, and/or will they both be
> > adjusted together to make the most sence? (speaking of with, has
> > anyone adressed where the X11 config stuff should be, it's floating
> > around from /etc, to /etc/X11/ to /var/... in diffrent
> > distributions).
> Nobody has really addressed X11 configuration very well.  I'd like to
> discuss it, including Dirk Hondel or someone else from XFree86 in the
> discussion.  It would be nice if FHS, LSB, distributions, and XFree86
> 4.0 matched up on stuff.

The default setting as it comes from XFree86 is that the X server config 
file goes in $LIBDIR (which is usually /usr/X11R6/lib/X11). Looking through
Metro Link's code, we override this and use /etc/X11 for Linux, and /etc
for FreeBSD and BSDI.

/etc/X11 was based on input from the Distributions (esp Red Hat). I think
part of the mootivation for moving it was to better enable using a live
file system from a CDROM.

Upon looking (At RH 5.2 which is handy), it appears that several
file/directories have been moved to /etc/X11: xdm, fs, xinit, xsm,
and various window managers.

FreeBSD has some files located in /var/X11.

It probably won't be any problem changing the default location of
some things in Xfree86 once an agreement is reached.

Since I'm on the XFree86 Core team, I can handle that part of things,
unless Burchard is able to run into Dirk and have a real-time conversation
with him.


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