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Re: Form XSB, take some load off LSB.

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, imrana wrote:

> >I totally agree... If I may suggest, I would say that maybe a "XSB"
> >should be formed, separate from "LSB" and the "XSB" can be a "layer"
> >added onto the top of the "LSB" at a later date.

> By the help of this thread it is becoming more clearer that there is a need
> for XSB (or whatever you call. Perhaps a name more "GUI"ish may be more
> appropriate.)

1. There is more than desktop issue here, it is about linux
and common ground in higher OS levels. Something like:


App config, 
desktop, and lots
of other hl things

(High Level
Group or something 
like that)


Libs and other 
software found
in every distr



(Linus and co.)


2. Call it anything but "standard" - this word triggers <whatever
wm there is> proponent to dig up their nuke launch codes. :-)

 Marcin Krol

Hiroshima 45                   Tschernobyl 86                      Windows 95

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