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LSB should not deal with GUI for now

The Linux Standard Base should not deal with GUI components for now.

In a sense GUI is not in the same dimension as the C library and file
system layout.   GUI sits above X Windows, which is a standard for all
Unix systems.   Thus GUI issues are not Linux specific but common to
all Unix systems (or at least free ones).   Desktop standardization efforts
can be addressed in a kernel-independent manner.  Also maybe it
is better to wait until the desktop war settles, or GNOME and KDE
may themselves work out issues of standard protocols, etc.

Maybe requiring the presence of gtk is good, but that just guarantees
some minimal platform support.   Getting into desktop issues is hot water
that may not be benefital.

Just my $0.02

Li-Cheng Tai (Andy Tai)                       e-mail: atai@ece.ucsd.edu

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