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RE: Greetings and projects

> From: Peter Garner <ipad@petergarner.net> 
> Sent: 02 August 2018 19:44

>> So far, I have retrieved ~18K menus from ~300 active servers, which 
>> point to ~600K selectors from 740 servers (but still don't know how 
>> many of those are active). I don't crawl onion servers.

> 300!? I didn't realise we were that many!

> Thanks for your work and see you later..

When I mapped Gopherspace back in April, I hit about 400ish 'live' servers.  There's a lot of duplication across different domain names, which makes it a bit confusing.

My web site is currently offline, but you can see an archived copy of my efforts here:  



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