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Greetings and projects

Dear fellow gophers,

I have been lurking around the ML for quite a while, and finally
decided to subscribe and get in the open. I started using gopher at
uni in the late '90s and came back to it a couple of years ago, to
find that the gopherspace is still very active and full of good
stuff. And fell back in love :)

I have been developing a couple of mostly-useless gopher utils in the
last few months, including a server in a shell script, a validator,
and a gopher fork of cgit, that I called cgit-70. You can find more
info at:


and a demo of cgit-70 with some of my repos at:


Now, having a peculiar fixation with graphs and networks, I have been
slowly crawling the gopherspace (only type 1 selectors) to produce a
comprehensive graph and to obtain some statistics to share with the
community. My intention is to do the crawl *once*, construct the graph
of menus, and make it freely available (in anonymised form,
i.e. sha256sums of selectors) together with some aggregated stats
about its structure, e.g. about number of servers and selectors,
degree distribution, typical distances between nodes, clusters,
centrality distribution, etc, and maybe a couple of plots. This would
give us a quantitative understanding of how the gopherspace looks like
today. Then, if you think the work is worth anything, we could repeat
the experiment at intervals of 6 months or more, e.g. to track the
growth of the network and its evolution. Otherwise we could just live
with what we got.

So far, I have retrieved ~18K menus from ~300 active servers, which
point to ~600K selectors from 740 servers (but still don't know how
many of those are active). I don't crawl onion servers.

Thanks a lot for all the work you do every day to keep gopher alive,
and thanks in advance for the feedback, comments, critics, and
suggestions that you would like to provide.

I'll be around ;)


[ ~.,_  Enzo Nicosia aka KatolaZ - Devuan -- Freaknet Medialab  ]  
[     "+.  katolaz [at] freaknet.org --- katolaz [at] yahoo.it  ]
[       @)   http://kalos.mine.nu ---  Devuan GNU + Linux User  ]
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