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Re: Greetings and projects

>  gopher://kalos.mine.nu

Welcome aboard (and nice gopher hole, BTW!)

> community. My intention is to do the crawl *once*, construct the graph
> of menus, and make it freely available (in anonymised form,
> i.e. sha256sums of selectors) together with some aggregated stats
> about its structure, e.g. about number of servers and selectors,
> degree distribution, typical distances between nodes, clusters,
> centrality distribution, etc, and maybe a couple of plots. This would
> give us a quantitative understanding of how the gopherspace looks like
> today. Then, if you think the work is worth anything, we could repeat
> the experiment at intervals of 6 months or more, e.g. to track the
> growth of the network and its evolution. Otherwise we could just live
> with what we got.
Personally, I'd love to see this data, and especially if it's regularly updated.
Is there any particular log entry I should look out for to see if you've visited?

> So far, I have retrieved ~18K menus from ~300 active servers, which
> point to ~600K selectors from 740 servers (but still don't know how
> many of those are active). I don't crawl onion servers.

300!? I didn't realise we were that many!

Thanks for your work and see you later..

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