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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

On 2011-03-07 09:15, Mateusz Viste wrote:

it seems possible at least in theory.  That means as long as we can get
the data in/out of the cgi you could have python do the wiki stuff
behind the scenes.

Yes, this is definitely possible, but it is not an easy project.
Cameron already gave you a valuable clue: simple input (one string) is easy,
but allowing to edit a wiki page is a lot more than that (it's actually an
entire editor). Relying on a Gopher client, there's no much chance to allow
such content to be editable, unless you perform all the "intelligent" stuff on
server's side (like most gopher-related things, actually).

One more idea is to integrate an old protocol (Gopher) with an even older one (SMTP). Have your wiki engine send out the page for editing via email.

Something like this:

* I want to edit page "Foobar"
* CGI asks for an email address via Gopher query
* CGI sends out the old page to me via SMTP
* I can then edit the page in my email client
* I send the new page as a reply
* CGI catches that reply, de-emailifies the page and saves it

That will work even when then user is on a VT100 terminal - as in it doesn't expect anything special on the client-side.

... or, you can just expect the reader to have *cough* an AJAX JavaScript-compatible Gopher reader *cough* *cough* which makes it possible to have an WYSIWYG editor on top of Gopher queries.

- Kim

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