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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

On Sunday 06 of March 2011 at 22:38:37, Mike Hebel wrote:
> Actually thinking about it isn't there a way to do simple input using
> cgi scripting?

Yes there is. Using the QUERY_STRING (just like you though).
That's how my guestbook works, by the way:


> it seems possible at least in theory.  That means as long as we can get
> the data in/out of the cgi you could have python do the wiki stuff
> behind the scenes.

Yes, this is definitely possible, but it is not an easy project.
Cameron already gave you a valuable clue: simple input (one string) is easy, 
but allowing to edit a wiki page is a lot more than that (it's actually an 
entire editor). Relying on a Gopher client, there's no much chance to allow 
such content to be editable, unless you perform all the "intelligent" stuff on 
server's side (like most gopher-related things, actually). I think you would 
need to be able to display a wiki page as a gopher menu, and make lines 
editable by selecting them (and lines would have to be actually search 
selectors from the gopher's point of view).

Another idea (technically simpler, but not that user friendly) would be to 
wait for instructions from the user, about what he want to edit (what line, 
what char, etc), like you would do with the sed editor (a.k.a. "the non-
interactive unix text editor"). :-)

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste

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