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Re: [gopher] cgi on Gopher?

> geomyidae does execute scripts that way:
> 	% script.cgi $search $arguments
> Now all the flexibility is given to the script.
> But about big input editing: Telnet is available everywhere.
> This would requires some more programming skill, but it doesn't
> inherit the drawbacks of gopher's simplicity. What's missing is
> an easy way to couple a gopherd and a telnetd and some easy way
> to produce curses applications. I wouldn't propose hypertext
> here. ;)
> Standardizing such a telnet<>gopherd bridge would allow all flex-
> ibility of the web in the gopherspace.

At one time there was a MOO extension for Firefox that allowed you to log
into a server and send it for commands. Maybe time to marry the two. It
hasn't worked since Fx 2 however.

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