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[gopher] Re: pygopherd installation: http working, gopher not

I use Lynx or the old (UMN) gopher client mostly. 
Sometimes from the GUI I use Opera or Firefox through a squid proxy, if
for instance, I am browsing web pages that require newer browsers at
the same time as I am gophering.
Cameron's OverbiteFF is an exciting new extension for FF3. 
I happen to have a local squid proxy so that's just what I use (same
"fix" for multiple browsers).
JumpJet has some various clients listed there as well you could look
My suggestion is if you want it integrated into your web browsing
experience get OverbiteFF. Especially if your in MS since you wont be
browsing from console and wont be running squid.
Otherwise Lynx rocks.


On Thu, 08 May 2008 01:14:30 +0200
skxpl <listy@skxpl.eu.org> wrote:

> chris writes:
> > gopher://stallman.rootnode.net:21370/
> > and
> > gopher://stallman.rootnode.pl:21370/0/proba.txt
> > Work for me, from here.
> Now I hate firefox even more.
> What client are you using?
> > Your gopher is up.
> Thanks.

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