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[gopher] OverbiteFF build 1291

Build 1291 of the OverbiteFF beta is available for Firefox 3. If you are not
running 3.0b5, please update to the latest 3.0 beta.

This fixes a bug with pathologic item types (similar to the security problem
with the last one, but in a better way), and has better port number management.
It also includes all of the localized language paks I have so far received,
namely de-DE, en-US, es-ES, hu-HU, nl-NL and pl-PL. I have not received back
the jp-JP, da-DK and ru-RU translations yet ... just a gentle reminder :) and
if there are any other languages represented out there, please contribute! It's
only a few prompt files that need changing and can be done very easily.

Please make sure that your local language works correctly, and report any
other bugs. Verify that build 1291 is installed (about:overbite); it should
automatically pop up the brag screen after the update is consummated. If I
have not credited you for your test report or localization, or done so
incorrectly, advise me right away.

Once FF3 is finalized, then I'll start working on backporting OverbiteFF to
Firefox 2.x, and Camino 1.6 (as OverbiteCa). Shouldn't be long now. The other
big plan will be to ask to port OverbiteFF into Mozilla Core on #388195,
although I doubt it will survive feature complete, so the add-on will still
be maintained.


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