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[gopher] pygopherd installation: http working, gopher not

I have set up a gopher server using pygopherd and these instructions from 

Download the tar.gz version of the package from the website.  Make sure 
you have Python 2.2 or above installed; if now, download and install it 
from  <URL:http://www.python.org/>. Then run these commands:
    tar -zxvf pygopherd-z.y.z.tar.gz
    cd pygopherd-x.y.z

Modify conf/pygopherd.conf as follows:
    o Set usechroot = no
    o Comment out (add a # sign to the start  of  the  line)  the 
pidfile, setuid, and setgid lines.
    o Set root to osomething appropriate.
    o Set port to a number greater than 1024.

When  you want to run PyGopherd, you will issue the cd command as above 
and then type PYTHONPATH=. bin/pygopherd.   There  is  no  installation 
step necessary."

Unfortunately only http works http://stallman.rootnode.net:21370/ while 
connecting through gopher gopher://stallman.rootnode.pl:21370/ leads to 
an "Unable to connect" error.

How do I get pygopherd to serve files through gopher://, however absurd 
that might sound?

skx, http://skxpl.eu.org

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