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[gopher] Re: pygopherd installation: http working, gopher not

Work for me, from here.
What are you using for a web browser?
Firefox is broken while looking at gophers not on port 70.. it goes and
looks at port 70 no matter what you intend to view.
Your gopher is up.


On Wed, 07 May 2008 23:30:43 +0200
skxpl <listy@skxpl.eu.org> wrote:

> I have set up a gopher server using pygopherd and these instructions
> from
> http://www.filewatcher.com/p/pygopherd_2.0.13.tar.gz.265693/pygopherd/doc/pygopherd.txt.html:
> Download the tar.gz version of the package from the website.  Make
> sure you have Python 2.2 or above installed; if now, download and
> install it from  <URL:http://www.python.org/>. Then run these
> commands: tar -zxvf pygopherd-z.y.z.tar.gz
>     cd pygopherd-x.y.z
> Modify conf/pygopherd.conf as follows:
>     o Set usechroot = no
>     o Comment out (add a # sign to the start  of  the  line)  the 
> pidfile, setuid, and setgid lines.
>     o Set root to osomething appropriate.
>     o Set port to a number greater than 1024.
> When  you want to run PyGopherd, you will issue the cd command as
> above and then type PYTHONPATH=. bin/pygopherd.   There  is  no
> installation step necessary."
> Unfortunately only http works http://stallman.rootnode.net:21370/
> while connecting through gopher gopher://stallman.rootnode.pl:21370/
> leads to an "Unable to connect" error.
> How do I get pygopherd to serve files through gopher://, however
> absurd that might sound?

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