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Re: Bug#167381: apt: DSelect::Clean "auto" -- deletes on hold, installed package's *.deb files.

Forgive me for just blatantly popping up in this discussion.

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 07:40:06PM -0500, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
> Jason Gunthorpe writes:
>  > Well, you can disagree, but you still haven't provided an apt-get command
>  > that will let you use the .deb in the cache. The cache belongs to APT,
>  > if it cannot make use of a file in the cache it is removed.
> My basic point is that there should be an easy way to specify that  
> the .deb package files for any _installed_ package should not be
> removed from apt's cache.
I agree with Jason on this. I see apt's cache like the cpu's cache or the cache
of your webbrowser: there could be stuff in there, but there is no guarantee
that it is there or how long it will stay there (well, clearly, there is more
certainty about .debs being in apt's cache or not than there is about data in
your cpu's cache, but still).
If you need to save .debs, there are plenty of other programs that can do this
for you: apt-move, apt-proxy, debmirror, demish (http://luon.net/~admar).


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