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Re: Bug#167381: apt: DSelect::Clean "auto" -- deletes on hold, installed package's *.deb files.

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
 > Why? You can't use APT to operate on these debs! If you want to keep a
 > archive of all installed .debs there are some script hooks you can use to
 > do that.

Okay, you are right about this, I was confused.

I would appreciate some pointers to what these script hooks are,
and if possible, also pointers to examples of how to use them.

 > Thats not true, the purpose of the autoclean function is to remove things
 > APT cannot make use of. If it is left behind then there is some apt-get
 > command line that will let you use it.

Yes, I am mistaken about this too, and you are correct.

My confusion stems from the fact that when woody==testing, my
sources.list referenced woody+potato (testing+stable) and I had to
write a "clean-apt-cache" script to remove the upgraded potato
packages from apt's cache.  However, now sarge==testing, and
my sources.list references only sarge (testing).

Thanks for your patience, I guess that we can just leave this bug
report as it is - closed.

Jeff Sheinberg

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