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Re: Bug#167381: apt: DSelect::Clean "auto" -- deletes on hold, installed package's *.deb files.

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
 > Well, you can disagree, but you still haven't provided an apt-get command
 > that will let you use the .deb in the cache. The cache belongs to APT,
 > if it cannot make use of a file in the cache it is removed.

My basic point is that there should be an easy way to specify that  
the .deb package files for any _installed_ package should not be
removed from apt's cache.

Note that for _uninstalled_ and _unknown_ packages apt currently
does not remove their .deb package files from its cache - and
there is no "apt-get command that will let you use the .deb".

Am I just being naive to expect that apt should be able to perform
this task?

I would prefer if you could at least consider to change the
severity of this bug report to "wishlist".
Jeff Sheinberg

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