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Re: Bug#167381: apt: DSelect::Clean "auto" -- deletes on hold, installed package's *.deb files.

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:

> My basic point is that there should be an easy way to specify that  
> the .deb package files for any _installed_ package should not be
> removed from apt's cache.

Why? You can't use APT to operate on these debs! If you want to keep a
archive of all installed .debs there are some script hooks you can use to
do that.

> Note that for _uninstalled_ and _unknown_ packages apt currently
> does not remove their .deb package files from its cache - and
> there is no "apt-get command that will let you use the .deb".

Thats not true, the purpose of the autoclean function is to remove things
APT cannot make use of. If it is left behind then there is some apt-get
command line that will let you use it.


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