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Re: Bug#527920: please break circular dependency

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> At least the description of xserver-xorg should be changed. It still
> says:
> | This package depends on the  full suite of the server  and drivers
> | for the X.Org  X server, as well as providing a configuration
> | infrastructure to manage xorg.conf. It does not  provide the actual
> | server itself, but removing it is strongly discouraged.
> This description screams with every single word "you are able to remove
> this package but you do not want to unless in strange situations".
> Which is simply not true unless the dependency from xserver-xorg-core
> to xserver-xorg is not a bug. (And of course increases the confusion
> of our users (and of the developers, reading this description I also
> first thought the dependency from xserver-xorg-core to xserver-xorg
> was some bug introduced by someone trying to fix some bug without
> thinking)).

Dude... you already reported this bug in #523630, which I've tagged
pending because it's already fixed in git and will be in the next
upload. Please don't pester us with this again.

 - David Nusinow

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