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Bug#527920: please break circular dependency

Holger Levsen wrote:
I'd be nice if you'd either given the number or even better, merged yourself. But thats bts-usage nitpicking and hardly worth saying :-)

What's worth saying is, that you didnt give a reason for 396613 being marked wontfix here and that there is none in 396613. You dont even give a reason why there is this circular dependency which causes real problems for existing tools.

Can you please explain?!

Because these two packages do actually depend on each other to function. That's a hard dependency and there's no way around it. Ian Jackson has argued strenuously that circular dependencies are not a bad thing, and that dpkg handles them fine, and I'm in agreement with him. That said, the reason why xserver-xorg was split from xserver-xorg-core was to separate the very large and rapidly changing server config scripts from the server itself, allowing us to make rapid improvements to them with minimal stress to ourselves and our users. Now that those scripts are essentially gone, it's time to start thinking earnestly about reuniting them as xserver-xorg, and letting -core go away. This is *not* the same thing as removing the circular dependency, which is necessary and correct so long as these two packages exist despite whatever buggy tools.

- David Nusinow

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