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Re: Debian Menu transition

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 04:12:28PM +0200, Brice Goglin wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> We've been discussing this menu transition for xbase-clients recently,
> and there are several programs that we don't know where to place in the
> new hierarchy. xclock/oclock are most problematic ones, we don't know
> what to do with this kind of WM-generic widgets. Several others are
> still not really satisfying, like xclipboard. Could you have a look at
> bug #373723 where we are currently discussing this?

Actually I reported bug #184092 along time ago with some comments,
Maybe we could start by discussing this older bug.

An issue is that xbase-clients includes both very useful low-level X11
applications and a bunch of outdated higher-level X11 applications,
so it is installed on a large proportion of desktop systems but
and it is problematic to fill the menu with a lot of obsolete X11 apps
that no one ever use.  It could be useful to split the package in two.

A second issue is that some X11 apps are meant to be launched at startup
rather than from a menu (xsetroot, xclock, xbiff).

Personnally, I would put the clocks in Games/Toys and xclipboard in 
Applications/Accessibility, xditview in Application/Viewers, and
xvidtune in Application/System/Hardware. 

If you insist to keep xsetroot, I would put it in Screen/Background
but this section does not exist yet.


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