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Re: Debian Menu transition

Bill Allombert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to figure out where most of the apps from xbase-clients
>> should go in the new menu structure, since they all used to be in
>> Apps/Tools, and I don't see anything obvious.  I suppose xeyes could go
>> in some subsection of Games like Games/Toys, but what about xev, xrandr,
>> xkill & co?
> xev is a test tool so maybe there is no need for a menu entry.
> If you add one, maybe put it in System/Monitoring, with something
> like "x-terminal-emulator -e xev" so that xev output is displayed.
> xkill is a bit dangerous to be in the menu: you might kill the
> window-manager by clicking on the menu decoration by mistake. It would
> belong to System/Administration I think.

Hi Bill,

We've been discussing this menu transition for xbase-clients recently,
and there are several programs that we don't know where to place in the
new hierarchy. xclock/oclock are most problematic ones, we don't know
what to do with this kind of WM-generic widgets. Several others are
still not really satisfying, like xclipboard. Could you have a look at
bug #373723 where we are currently discussing this?


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