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Re: acecad 1.2.0 in debian unstable

On 5/12/07, Drew Parsons <dparsons@debian.org> wrote:
Hello Giuseppe,

I uploaded your new version of the X acecad input driver to debian
unstable.  Could you verify it works well enough?

Seems to work correctly, thanks.

You mentioned in the other bug about Recommending libsysfs.  Could you
file a separate bug if you still think it's needed, so we can get the
idea peer-reviewed.  For instance, where you said to Recommend:
libsysfs-dev, I think you meant Build-Depends: libsysfs-dev?  Also, I
want to be sure it won't break things on kernels which haven't compiled

libsysfs-dev should be recommended for building the package, yes. I'm
not sure if libsysfs itself should be Suggested or Recommended for the
precompiled package: it's used by the automatic device detection code
to simplify and speed up detection, but it's not necessary, and the
feature works without it too.

Also, there should be no problem if the kernel is compiled without
sysfs, because all return values from the libsysfs calls are checked
before attempting data retrieval/use.

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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