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Re: dri_util.c:157: warning: pointer targets differ in signedness.

--- John Lightsey <john@nixnuts.net> wrote:

> First let me say that if anyone would like to take over updating the
> dri-trunk-sid packages on a semi-regular basis, I'd really appreciate
> it.  I don't track the Debian X or DRI mailing lists closely enough to
> keep up with changes.
> On Tue, 2004-12-28 at 15:00 -0800, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> > The source I'm using contains the old DRI xc.  I can see where the old
> xc
> > source is needed to build the OLD Xserver and Mesa is needed there to
> > build it's dri, glx, and opengl Xdrivers.  How ever I can't see why
> this
> > old xc code has not been diffed in to debian's Xfree86?  Would
> submitting
> > a patch to TDBTS help?
> > 
> I'm not a member of the Debian X team so I don't speak for them, but I
> wouldn't expect that a patch of DRI's changes to XFree86 will be
> accepted.  The reason I started updating Michel Daenzer's packages was
> that I needed MergedFB support and wanted some of the fixes that were
> being incorporated into DRI.  Requests for MergedFB in Debian's X
> packages date back to June 2003.  I wouldn't imagine there will be any
> major changes to Debian's X until Sarge releases.
> > At this time Xorg is used for most of the DRI development.  It also
> seams
> > that the dri, glx, and opengl Xdrivers can be built in the Mesa tree
> with
> > libGL and the dri_ Xdrivers.  Since Mesa is now able to build against
> > Xfree86 and Xorg this would seam to fix most of the problems.
> > 
> This is news to me.  I thought the current recommended way of doing
> things was to build an Xorg xserver, glx, and libgl, then build the 3D
> drivers in Mesa.
> http://dri.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/Building
The problem is building the Xserver.  I think this is why the xc tree is
used.  There is also the problem of building diffrent 2d XDrivers, for MFB
and the like.

> Rather than updating the dri-trunk-sid packages to build Xorg it might
> be easier to direct users to the experimental Xorg packages at
> http://debian.linux-systeme.com/
This lookes like a good solution.  If it where easy to use DRIs snapshots
then there would be little need for Debian pkgs.

> With a new libGL in place, installing Mesa and drm CVS by hand isn't
> that difficult and doesn't have to overwrite the packaged X server.  It
> would be nice if driconf had a way of overriding LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH on a
> per-user or global basis though.
The Mesa tree can build both libGL and libGLU.  Last time I tryed using
Debian's xserver-xfree86 pkg with Mesa built libGL and 3d Xdrivers it
complained about ABI versioning and other stuff I had little desier to
read about.

> > I got this after cvs updating the tar.gz of the unofficial debian
> > source... This source is at least missing the DRI_NEW_INTERFACE_ONLY
> > define "dri_util.c:1073", cause it uses the xc Makefiles to build
> Mesa.
> >  
> > dri_util.c: In function `glx_find_dri_screen':
> > dri_util.c:157: warning: pointer targets in passing arg 1 of
> > `glXGetProcAddress' differ in signedness
> I ran into the same problem, but this message convinced me there was
> little point in trying to fix it.
> John

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