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Bug#29194: Bug #29194: xfree86: have all XFree86 packages symlink to xfree86-common for copyright and changelog(s)

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 01:51:57AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> [I don't know that Joey Hess really needs to be CCed on this, so I have

Some year ago or so, the submitter of a bug didn't get mail
for nnnnn@bugs.debian.org, might have changed, not to
mention, that this mail isn't terribly relevant to him.

> removed him from the headers.]
> > "Debian packaging infrastructure" doesn't sound much like
> > copyright to me, but you know better, I presume.
> Let me rewrite that sentence in psuedo-LISP.
> The remainder is a list of copyright holders and license terms that
> apply to (the various parts of the XFree86 source distribution, and the
> Debian packaging infrastructure).
> I think if you had actually read the file, this would have been clear to
> you.

Well, "but you know better, I presume" was intended to say:
"Let's stop this discussion here, I'm 99% sure, you know,
what you're doing there." ;)

> > It was just an idea.  An idea to add some structure...  Okay,
> > structure in one of the complexest packages in debian...
> It already has lots of structure.  Also, I think xfree86's
> debian/copyright file *is* structured.  You might agree if you'd read
> it.

Well, I wanted to explain, what the idea _was_.

Anyway, I think, we should stop this discussion here and
hope for Joey to say anything.

(I don't see a point in coding debhelper stuff like mad for
realising at the end, that Joey has much better plans.)


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