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Bug#251690: Possibly discover problem?

Hi Branden,

I just finished debugging a very similar issue to bug 251690, where the
preinst of xserver-xfree86 failed with exit code 127.  As in the
submitter's case, there was no useful debugging output, even with variables
exported as you requested.  The problem turned out to be that discover
crashed silently in the xserver-xfree86 config script.

In my case, this was due to libcurl2 abruptly changing soname (I've just
filed a grave bug against libcurl2, #252348), but since the broken libcurl2
package only entered unstable today, the submitter likely has a different
problem.  Still, I suggest investigating discover as a first possible
culprit.  Maybe in the X inst/config/rm scripts, you could output debugging
messages before and after calls to discover when DEBUG_XFREE86_PACKAGE is
set, to aid in catching these problems?


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