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Re: Support for VIA driver, patch against SVN HEAD

Branden Robinson wrote:

> This leaves a few questions open:
> A) What does David Dawes regard as "attribution to [him]"?[1]  If the
>    responsibility for the CVS commit is attributed to him, as it appears
>    to be in several of the above, does he consider the XFree86 1.1
>    license to attach to those changes?
I would really like to know this.  I have not included such commits in my
most recent summary of potential XFree86 1.1 license issues in X.org.

The changes would generally be copyright their authors.  If the authors were
contacted directly and released the patches, Dawes could be ignored.

> B) What is Marc La France's policy regarding the application of the
>    XFree86 1.1 license to modifications he makes to files that bear no
>    copyright notice by him or by the XFree86 Project, Inc.?
Maybe someone could ask him personally?  (Or is he not responding to your
mail either?) There were quite a lot of these, and likewise I have not
included them in that summary.

> C) Does the XFree86 Project, Inc., consider patches submitted to their
>    Bugzilla system to have any applicable copyrights therein assigned to
>    them?

It had better not; to my knowledge, that doesn't actually happen under US
law.  There's no way that a voluntarily submitted thing from an outsider is
a "work for hire", and copyright assignments have to be signed and on
paper, last time I checked.

> Is there someone who'd like to broach these questions with the XFree86
> Project?  My mails seem to go unanswered.
Don't mail them.  Mail the individual authors, perhaps?

> At any rate, for any of the above where we can get the licensing
> straightened out, I'd be happly to apply the relevant patches.  It may
> be worth contacting Thomas Hellström and Luc Verhaegen to inquire as to
> the provenance of their patches.
Would it be worth contacting the others?

> For the others, I am willing to write up a plain-English description as
> I did for the AT ioctl() issue.
> [1] http://www.mail-archive.com/devel%40xfree86.org/msg05906.html

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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