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Re: Roll your own X Packages problem with static libraries

Hi Branden

Thanks for your answer.
> This is more a question for one of XFree86 upstream's mailing lists.
> Anyway, I believe the Imake variable in question is "ForceNormalLib", or
> something similar to that.
That was the ticket. I was a little impatient and already posted to the
xfree mailinglist. Marc gave me the same answer and it worked :)

debian/rules install  seems to work now.

However debian/rules install-server failes to install because of missing
chooser. I tried to apply patches 900_debian_config.diff  905_debian_xdm.diff
to relocate the chooser but then wraphelp.c is beeing missed while
building. (I didn't apply any other packages.). So if you have a
suggestion (without digging to much) i would apreciate that. But right
now i am to tiered...


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