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Bug#220448: xserver-xfree86: Some fonts simply don't show up, adobe courier for example

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> Uh, that reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.  There's whole pile of
> things Mozilla and Konqueror have in common before they get down to the
> wire protocol.  They both use Xft for client-side font rendering, for
> example.

I certainly recognized that this bug report was far from ideal. I waited a
long time trying to gather more information or find a pattern before I finally
figured I needed to report it somewhere so at least other people were aware of

I was working under the assumption the problem at the root was some kind of
font configuration problem where the server was failing to find the right font

> Well, if you have mozilla-xft installed, anyway.  Do you?

Uh, no, I've never heard of it. I wonder what mozilla is supposed to do if
it's not installed.

> It could be a bug in a font rasterizer, so it could be libfreetype6 that
> is the culprit.

> Yup.  Xft.

Hm, will look in that direction.


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