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Bug#220448: xserver-xfree86: Some fonts simply don't show up, adobe courier for example

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> I don't understand why you think any of the above are X server problems;
> they all sound like client-side issues to me.

Because a) they affect more than one client, konqueror and mozilla to be
specific. and b) I don't think they started when I updated either konqueror or
mozilla, but rather when I updated X -- however I don't know precisely what
version that would have been at.

I thought it would have had something to do with the font packages, perhaps
the location of something had changed or perhaps the font server daemon had
changed behaviour in some way and needed to be reconfigured.

But I agree, it could well be a client-side problem. Or possibly a
server-client interaction, perhaps some new font interface for antialiasing or
something that the clients needed to be updated in some way to make use of.
It's also possible both konqueror and mozilla are using a common shared
library for client-side rendering of fonts, something I'm not up-to-date on at

I'm basically just stumped on where to start to debug this particular problem.
It's such a high level failure that I don't even know where to start to track
down the actual bug.


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