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Bug#220448: xserver-xfree86: Some fonts simply don't show up, adobe courier for example

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On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 01:48:15PM -0500, Gregory Stark wrote:
> Package: xserver-xfree86
> Version: 4.3.0-0pre1v3
> Severity: normal
> [First of all I had the same problem with the version of X in unstable. This
> was one of the reasons I tried the experimental version]
> I have a problem that some fonts simply don't show up, instead I get blank
> lines. But I can't figure out exactly what the pattern is. When I play with
> xfontsel I cannot reproduce the problem. But the problem isn't just a
> particular application, both Konqueror and Mozilla have precisely the same
> behaviour, for example.
> I think the problem affects only the Adobe fonts, but some adobe fonts do show
> up just fine (Symbol, Bookman, Century) while others show up as blank lines
> (Courier) and others don't even show up in my font menus (whatever happened to
> Times, Avant Garde, Zapf Dingbats?)
> The most common problem occurs with Courier, especially since it's the deafult
> fixed width font for a lot of applications. It's driving me nuts on the php.net
> web site for example where the style sheet uses it for a lot of things.
> The weird thing is that courier and several other fonts show up in the
> konqueror font menu (which uses the font itself for each choice) as blank. Some
> of the blank fonts work fine, others seem to display as blanks like Courier.
> Not all of them are adobe fonts.
> Reading the other bug reports I thought it might be the same as the :unscaled
> bug but I replaced the Files section of my Config with the set specified in
> that bug report and the problem persists unchanged. The config I was using
> previously is commented out.
> One thing that frightens me though -- the mouse pointer is still big, like the
> big-cursor font in the commented out section. I don't understand how that would
> be. I C-A-BS'd the server to make sure it reread the config file. And I'm
> pretty sure I'm editing the right config file.

I don't understand why you think any of the above are X server problems;
they all sound like client-side issues to me.

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