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Bug#220448: xserver-xfree86: Some fonts simply don't show up, adobe courier for example

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 11:08:31AM -0500, Greg Stark wrote:
> Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:
> > I don't understand why you think any of the above are X server problems;
> > they all sound like client-side issues to me.
> Because a) they affect more than one client, konqueror and mozilla to be
> specific.

Uh, that reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.  There's whole pile of
things Mozilla and Konqueror have in common before they get down to the
wire protocol.  They both use Xft for client-side font rendering, for

Well, if you have mozilla-xft installed, anyway.  Do you?

> and b) I don't think they started when I updated either konqueror or
> mozilla, but rather when I updated X -- however I don't know precisely what
> version that would have been at.

This makes it very difficult to look over the changelog(s) for the
versions across which you upgraded and see if there might be anything
that caused this, you realize.

> I thought it would have had something to do with the font packages, perhaps
> the location of something had changed or perhaps the font server daemon had
> changed behaviour in some way and needed to be reconfigured.

It could be a bug in a font rasterizer, so it could be libfreetype6 that
is the culprit.

> But I agree, it could well be a client-side problem. Or possibly a
> server-client interaction, perhaps some new font interface for antialiasing or
> something that the clients needed to be updated in some way to make use of.

There has been no change this drastic recently.

> It's also possible both konqueror and mozilla are using a common shared
> library for client-side rendering of fonts, something I'm not up-to-date on at
> all.

Yup.  Xft.

> I'm basically just stumped on where to start to debug this particular problem.
> It's such a high level failure that I don't even know where to start to track
> down the actual bug.

Well, that's one of the reasons the debian-user mailing list exists.
Those folks can help you narrow stuff down enough to file a useful bug

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