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Re: the cvs debs

>>>>> In <20030114013550.GA5772@trinity.unimelb.edu.au> 
>>>>>	Daniel Stone <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

>> >  How about xft1 ?
>> Xft is not built at all.

 Humm, some applications uses Xft1 so we will need libXft.so.1
for compatibility. We need oldlibs/libxft1 package.

>> splitting xlibs per-library locally in my tree, but that's
>> > >> going to take a couple of days yet to track down where every
>> > >> header and manpage should go (sigh).
>> > 
>> >   Ahh, I understand. So, we will provide individual package per
>> > libraries? (For example xlibx11 will provide libX11.so and related
>> > files, xlibxie will provide)

>> AIUI, the rough plan is to have one package per shared library (libx11,
>> libxpm4, etc), xlibs-static and xlibs-data. I'm unsure as to how the
>> packages should be named though: I honestly don't see the need for the
>> 'x' prefix, except as some ancient packaging artifact that's no longer
>> relevant to the real world.
>>   * debian/control:
>>     + Split xlibmesa a la 4.2.1-5 - xlibmesa4-gl, xlibmesa4-gl-dbg,
>>       xlibmesa4-gl-dev, xlibmesa4-glu, xlibmesa4-glu-dbg, xlibmesa4-glu-dev,
>>       and xlibmesa4-dri. The first three contain libGL, the next three libGLU,
>>       and the latter the DRI modules.

 4.2.1-4pre5v1 provides xlibmesa-gl-dev, xlibmesa-glu-dev and

 So, If xlibmesa4-gl-dev, xlibmesa4-glu-dev and xlibosmesa4-dev will
not co-exists with current (4.2.1-4pre5v1 and probably 4.2.1-5)
xlibmesa-gl-dev, xlibmesa4-glu-dev and xlibosmesa-dev, I think better 
`4' would be dropped from their names.

>>     + Split xlibs a la Branden's Great Leap Forward - every package has its own
>>       library. So, the new packages are: libx11, libxpm4, libxt6, libxmu6,
>>       libxmuu1, libice6, libsm6, libxext6, libxi6, libxp6, libxrender1,
>>       libxrandr2, libxtrap6, libxtst6, libxrx6 and libxcursor1; all of these
>>       packages also have a -dbg and -dev package (the soname is removed for
>>       the -dev package). Locale data and other architecture-independent
>>       stuff has been moved to xlibs-data; static-only libraries are in
>>       xlibs-static.

 Cool :-)

 Perhaps we need dummy xlibs package (it depends these
library packages) to migrate from old environment.

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