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Re: i810 in X 4.1/2

Jim McCloskey wrote:

Thanks a lot for your response, Branden. More than that, thanks for
all your work in this area.

|> In XFree86 4.0.1, at least, the amount of video RAM available
|> allocated in the absence of a VideoRam line on i810 machines was
|> something like 512kB.
|> Too little for most people's purposes.

OK, do I understand from this that, for i810 controllers at least, the
amount of video RAM can be set, in principle, as one likes?  This is
what I gathered from some of the posts I read, but it's not obvious
from the documentation at the XFree86 site.

Driver "i810"

add the line

VideoRam 16384

which is the maximum suggested here:


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