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i810 in X 4.1/2

I just upgraded a Dell Optiplex with the onboard i810 graphics
controller from potato to woody.

It's great to have integrated support for the i810, rather than having
to futz around downloading special drivers from Intel.

I have one question: is there any advantage to be gained from
explicitly setting a value for VideoRam in the "Device" section?
Nothing in the docs at the Xfree site suggest this, but I've seen
recommendations here and there on the net that it can be a good
idea. The log at present reports:

(II) I810(0): I810CheckAvailableMemory: 95228k available
(==) I810(0): Will alloc AGP framebuffer: 8192 kBytes

On a separate (I think) matter: there's a slight but annoying flicker
at the moment on the screen. How might I eliminate this?

Thanks very much,


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