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Re: trident noise

> for inexpensive hardware. However, as soon as X is loaded and a window
> is perturbed, the sound card goes insane.

> Now, if I remember my history, PCI video card manufacturers discovered
> at some point that they could lengthen the little bars produced by
> WinBench by a few percent if they wrote blindly to the instruction
> queue on the video card.


> I can't imagine that Branden had anything to do with this, so is
> probably an upstream problem.

Yep.  Try adding ``Option "PciRetry" "true"'' to your Device section.
Upstream is trying to be benchmark- rather than user-friendly.

(To expand on that: the XFree86 4 client scheduler specially optimises
the case of a single client.  That only happens when benchmarking.)


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