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Re: xft and xfree86-truetype-fonts

> I wonder if Bigelow and Holmes would allow modification of their fonts
> with a clause that the name must be changed.

I doubt it.  If you do contact them on this matter, please make it
very clear that you are not speaking for XFree86, who are happy with
the current license.  (This is the official position, which does not
necessarily reflect the personal opinions of individual XFree86

> Does anyone know if there has ever been attempt to have Bigelow and
> Holmes licensing changed so that it fits dfsg?

Yes, both by me and Branden.

> OTOH, does the inclusion of these two truetype fonts really make much of a
> difference? Does anyone here use them?

They are the default ``fixed'', ``serif'' and ``sans'' fonts used by
applications that go through Xft if you don't do any personal


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