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Guys, pardon me if I am not asking the right question in the right mailing
list. I am running 3.0 on my ULTRA 5 sparc. I just upgraded :) But I want
to use X :1 -query ipaddress -once & etc to connect to other better
machines. When I was using RH7.2/7.3 I added the above line to the
/etc/inittab file and I got another login screen for the remote screen
apart from the local login screen. My question is what I need to do to
stop getting the local login screen and only get the remote login
screen. That means, the only line that needs to execute is X :1 -query
ipadd -once &. Where should I add this line, how can I stop getting the
login screen from the local machine. How to permit X to connect to the
remote machine? Any suggestions? Please cc me.


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