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missing config files & fonts

I'm presently trying to install X on 2 Debian Woody boxes.
Neither of these machines have had any version of X on them
previously.  Whether I use the x-system meta packages, or
install the various packages individually, there is never
an Xsession or rgb.txt file created in the /etc/X11 directory.
The install does put a broken sym link to rgb.txt in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11
directory. Also, in both cases X crashes with the imfamous
"missing default font - 'fixed' message.  Installing and re-installing
xfont-base, 100dpi, 75dpi, and scalable doesn't help.  Likewise, 
reinstalling xfs and/or xfs-xtt and verifying their configurations,
ports, and entires in XF86Config-4 doesn't seem to help. Is it
necessary to start with an older X version and upgrade to current
version?  Or should I be able to install the stable release (4.1)
directly but there is something else fubar on these machines causing
the problems?  Kernel version on both boxes is 2.4.4, both with
100% stable/woody installed and error free to this point.

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