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Re: xdmcp

[Aravind Vinnakota]
> But I want to use X :1 -query ipaddress -once & etc to connect to
> other better machines. When I was using RH7.2/7.3 I added the above
> line to the /etc/inittab file and I got another login screen for the
> remote screen apart from the local login screen. My question is what
> I need to do to stop getting the local login screen and only get the
> remote login screen.

Simply don't run xdm locally.  'X -query' works fine without it.

A slightly more complex setup I did recently was to tell gdm [perhaps
xdm can do all this too, but I'm not sure] *not* to start any local
displays by default, but to enable the chooser for localhost only, and
to hard-code localhost as a choice.  Then I ran two instances of 'X
-indirect localhost' from inittab, on different VTs.  That way the
machine could be used for two login sessions, either of which could be
local or remote.

  [servers] comment out all lines (so gdm doesn't spawn X on its own)
  [xdmcp] Enable=true; DisplaysPerHost=2
  [chooser] Hosts=comma,separated,list,including,localhost; Broadcast=false
/etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny:
  restrict gdm access as appropriate
  X0:23:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/X -indirect localhost vt7 :0
  X1:23:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/X -indirect localhost vt8 :1
  ...and of course make sure there are no gettys on vt7 or vt8

4 copies of X proved to be unstable - vt switching and X itself would
quit responding occasionally.  Dunno if it was a memory issue, an X
issue, a /dev/gpmdata issue, or what.  2 copies works OK.


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