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Re: XF4.2 packages think Alt is Meta

>> Your window manager is buggy.  In 4.2, the ``Alt'' key carries both
>> Alt and Meta modifiers.

> Yes, as I explained before, I found the source of the bug: X's
> keymappings changed to be (a) less useful, and (b) different from
> previous versions.  I don't see how you think my window-manager is
> buggy, when X is the one providing bad information.

X is binding *both* Alt and Meta to the Alt key.  Your window manager
is buggy if it doesn't recognise that the Alt key has *two* modifiers,
and thus the ``Alt + m'' combination should match a binding for either
A-m or M-m.

> Anyway, I finally just remapped my keys to something sensible.  If you
> don't fix this before X4.2 hits unstable,

The 4.1 configuration makes the 102 key layout incompatible with the
104 key one.  The 4.2 configuration makes the 104 key layout a strict
superset of the 102-key one.

This was discussed in depth on Xpert, and the 4.2 layout reflects the
rough consensus reached.  I may be wrong, but I seem to recall Branden
as saying that he doesn't care either way.


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