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XF4.2 packages think Alt is Meta


  I'm testing the XFree86 4.2 packages, and the first thing I noticed
(within a few seconds of setting them up) is that none of my keybindings
work; for instance, the one I use to pop up a new xterm (Alt-t) or the
one I use to move windows (Meta-Button1).

  A few seconds of experimentation revealed the problem: the new X
version maps my Alt key to Meta; Alt now works for Meta bindings, and
the Alt bindings seem to be completely inaccessible.

  I have the following in XF86Config; this is unchanged from the
previous X version:
    Option "XkbRules"   "xfree86"
    Option "XkbModel"   "pc104"
    Option "XkbLayout"  "us"
    Option "XkbCompat"  ""


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