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Problems with DRI and i815

Hi all,

My employer has just bought me a a HP Vectra VL400. It has an i815
integrated video chip and 256Mb of RAM.

I've installed sid on it, and have installed kernel 2.4.7 with the
i810 DRI module. X (4.1.0, from sid) is starting fine, but according
to glxinfo, DRI is not enabled.

I tried using the i810 DRI module built from the xserver-xfree86
sources, also no success.

I've also tried starting Linux with the option "mem=240M", so to leave
16Mb unused for graphics. Still no change.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? According the
DRI project documentation, the i815 should be supported with the i810

I've posted a logfile and my X config here:


As far as I can tell from the logfile, the DRM is having some problems
allocating memory. I don't know enough about the DRI stuff to be able
to track down the problem though.

Any help would be appreciated.


Robert Norris                                          <rob@nauseum.org>
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