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Re: question about work needed on the Debian website

Hello Mathilde,

Am 12.10.19 um 20:14 schrieb mathilde:
> Hi,
> I would like to help working on a new (cleaner, modern, simpler)
> Debian website (I mean http://debian.org). The actual one hasn’t
> changed for decades and must keep a lot of newcomers out of the
> project. No doubt this will also be useful regarding accessibility.>
> I search everywhere on the actual website to find where I need to go
> and who I need to contact regarding this issue but I only find stuff
> about packages or documentation…

well, this is one of the current problems with the current structure and
sometimes also with the content of Debian web sites.

You might or might have not seen the following site:

This site describes that technically is happen or needs to be done to
get changes to the web sites. The content isn't always and everywhere up
to date and some technical details aren't explained well. But it should
give you a broader overview how the Debian websites are build.

There was a so called sprint in the autumn this year about the web team
and the needed restructure and rework of the web sites. Laura has
written some nice summary.


We have also made some notes to the wiki.

One of the outcomes at the sprint was that we need to rework the landing
page and also the download section.
We started on both things an made some significant progress, in the last
months unfortunately at least my person didn't have the same time as
before to work further on the booth parts. Thomas has worked further on
specific things in between times for the relaunch of the landing page.

We think we have now most of things together so we can work on
automation and translations of the newly written content to get the new
content live soon.

Holger has already pointed you to the RFH email from Thomas. Please have
a look at this so see some actual detailed tasks.

For more questions please ask here on the list. Answering will take some
time mostly.

Carsten Schoenert

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