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translation of the new homepage, how to handle news?

I wondering how we should translate the new Debian homepage?
The old (current) homepage, has a "static" wml part and inlcudes the
news and security announcements via a perl scipt (get_recent_list).
so we have always the newest news and security announcements in the

The new homepage will only have selected news on the homepage, no
security announcements, but maybe the date of the last security

Currently we have the selected news inside the index.wml file of the
new homepage. If a translation of the homepage is not updated after
selecting new news items for the english page, we will have old items
in the translations. So, should we separate the news wml code from the
index.wml? (Currently we mostly include some .data files and only one
wml file in CD/index.wml)

Does splitting index.wml into index.wml and news.wml help?  Maybe we
have then have always the newest news, but not translated. Does anyone
know a better solution for that?

regards Thomas

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