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Bug#845297: Migration to Salsa

Hi Steve,

> I'm thinking of taking some vacation (a week or so) from my day
> job during May to get stuck in here. When are other people
> available?

I'm attending a conference from May 8 to 10, so I guess I'll be
more available than usual in working hours the whole week.

> What can I help with? I'm OK-ish in perl, so I'm thinking of
> looking at the translation workflow stuff, unless that's
> already in hand.

Laura explained the translation workflow to me, and I thought
that we wouldn't need to keep track of current CVS revisions
because using the last commit id from a file and checking if a
commit id is ancestor to another should be enough:

  $ git log -1 --oneline english/license.wml
  8e8136309fa use https for the link to www.spi-inc.org
  $ git log -1 --oneline catalan/license.wml
  8e8136309fa use https for the link to www.spi-inc.org
  $ git merge-base --is-ancestor 8e8136309fa 8e8136309fa
  $ echo $?

However, I didn't take into account that sometimes there are
changes applied to several files at the same time that have
nothing to do with translations (as showed in the example above).

Therefore, it seems that we'll need to translate CVS revisions to
commit IDs at least once after the repository has been migrated
finally to git and before any translation is performed.

Since we can't be sure that people translating will stop during
the migration, maybe we can add a kill-switch in the scripts so
we can enable it before migrating and removing it to enable the
translation work after everything is setup correctly in git.

Something like this makes sense?

  1. People translate on CVS.
  2. Add a kill-switch to translations scripts.
  3. Let people translate on CVS until migration date.
  4. Enable kill-switch so people cannot translate.
  5. Migrate repo to git.
  6. Setup new workflow.
  7. Make changes to translations docs.
  8. Remove kill-switch.
  9. Let people translate on git.

Steps 5-7 should take the shortest time possible to avoid impact,
of course.

The kill-switch should be very easy to implement, e.g.:

  my $kill_switch = 0;
  die "Sorry! webwml migration in progress. Check the wiki.\n"
      if $kill_switch;

Since I'm not very familiar with the translation workflow yet,
I'd like to work on the Perl scripts that will deal with the
files in git, etc. But I'm fine doing something else if someone
prefers to do that.


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