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Migration to Salsa

Alioth decommission is near (see below); I've created the
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Webmaster/MigrationFromAlioth with the list of
tasks that I think we have to do.

I'll ask the creation of the group in salsa, I'm proposing webmaster-team as the
name of the team (since our wiki page is wiki.debian.org/Teams/Webmaster ), if
there are no objections I will proceed tonight or tomorrow.

Please have a look at the wiki page and if you feel that there is anything else
to be done, add it.

The migration of the git repos should be not much problematic. Any volunteer?
I'm willing to help with the update of the cron scripts (and whatever is needed
in www-master.debian.org) once the repos are hosted in salsa.

The migration of the webwml repo is still pending, #845297. Alex Muntada (in CC)
has offered help (thanks!) and I've been in contact with him to provide the
information about how the translation workflow works, and what would need to be
done. I've uploaded to https://salsa.debian.org/larjona/webwml_cvs2git the
result of the migration script and will try to move it to webmaster-team group
in salsa when it is created, under the name test_webwml_cvs2git since it's only
a test migration (it needs to be done again right when we decide to actually
migrate to salsa).


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Asunto: alioth deprecation - next steps
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De: Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org>
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CC: alioth-staff-replacement@alioth-lists.debian.net


as you should be aware, alioth.debian.org will be decommissioned with
the EOL of wheezy, which is at the end of May. The replacement for
the main part of alioth, git, is alive and out of beta, you know it
as salsa.debian.org. If you did not move your git repository yet,
hurry up, time is running out.

The other important service from the alioth set, lists, moved to a
new host and is now live at https://alioth-lists.debian.net [1].
All public list archives moved over too and will continue to exist
under the old URL.

## decommissioning timeline

01.05.18:  DISABLE registration of new users on alioth. Until an improved SSO
(GSOC Project, see [2]) is ready, new user registrations            needed for
SSO services will be handled manually. More details on this will follow in a
seperate announcement.
10.-13.05.18: darcs, bzr and mercurial repositories will be exported as tarballs
and made available readonly from a new archive host,               details on
that will follow.
17.-20.05.18: During the Mini-DebConf Hamburg any existing cron jobs will be
turned off, websites still on alioth will be disabled.
31.05.18: All remaining repositories (cvs, svn and git) will be archived similar
to the ones above.
          The host moszumanska, the home of alioth, will go offline!

Thanks for your attention

Alex - Alioth Administrator

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/MailingListContinuation

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