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Bug#845297: Migration to Salsa

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 11:01:03AM +0200, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
>Hello again
>El 18/04/18 a las 01:33, Laura Arjona Reina escribió:
>> * I will copy the migrated-to-git webwml repos (the tests) to
>> https://salsa.debian.org/groups/webmaster-team/webwml/ labelling them as
>> tests so people don't get confused. If you want to hack on those and you
>> were not added as "developer" of the group yet, please request join the
>> group and me or other admin will grant permissions.
>This is done now:
>I will remove the "test repos" in my personal space in Salsa, and in Alioth.


So... Laura and I were talking on IRC yesterday. I've been swamped
with a range of family things that removed my "free" time over the
last few months, so I've been unable to really help much so far. Laura
has been talking about running a sprint to work on the migration. I
think that sounds like a splendid idea, but I can't really travel much
at the moment. However, I'm thinking of taking some vacation (a week
or so) from my day job during May to get stuck in here. When are other
people available?

What can I help with? I'm OK-ish in perl, so I'm thinking of looking
at the translation workflow stuff, unless that's already in hand. Is
https://wiki.debian.org/WebsiteGitTransition still the canonical place
to track the planning?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"I suspect most samba developers are already technically insane... Of
 course, since many of them are Australians, you can't tell." -- Linus Torvalds

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